March 1 2002 : While "Can't get you out of my head" stalls at # 12 on Billboard's hot 100 in the USA, and incredible feat happens in Canada.The "In your eyes" single debut on Canada's single chart all the way up at # 11 on import sales alone. It's unlikely that the song will move up since the sales are the advance import orders of die hard Canadian fans, and there will not be a domestic single here.The import single to "Can't get you out of my head" has already dropped out of the charts after it's debut at # 55 last week. However "In your Eyes" is now released to radio here in Montreal, and the video just premiered on MusiquePlus. The song should soon start rising on the airplay charts. You can vote for" In your Eyes" as the test track this week on MIX96.In the UK the song debut at # 3 behind Enrique's "Hero", and Westlife's "World of our own" at # 1.

February 22 2002: Kylie wins 2 "Brit awards". Best international female artist, and best international album for "Fever". She also performed an incredible new version of "Can't get you out of my head" which included a sampling of the 80's New Order song "Blue Monday". In the US the song moves up to # 12 on Billboard's HOT 100 singles. In Canada while the song has already hit # 1 on the airplay charts, enough import copies of the single has been trickling in to debut it at # 55. The album "Fever" holds at # 21 nationally. Great news the "LIVE IN SYDNEY" VHS and DVD will be released by Warner on NTSC on March 26th in Canada.

Kylie "Gold" in Canada

February 18 2002: It's just Kyliemania in the USA. "Can't get you out of my head" moves up to # 15 on Billboard's Hot 100 . Hundreds of fans greated Kylie at her in store signing at Virgin record store on friday in New York City. Kylie is now back in England getting ready for the Brit awards on February 20th. In Canada, despite the fact that the album "Fever" slips to # 21 nationally, EMI Canada have confirmed that the album is GOLD and well on it way to platinum status. "In your eyes" has now been added to Montreal radio stations CKOI and CKMF . Please vote for the song, It will be kept on low rotation till "Can't get you out of my head" drops out of the countdown. Again Montreal and Canada is at the forefront of Kylie in North America.

February 8 2002: Kylie is just doing amazing in the USA. "Can't get you out of my head" moves up an incredible 13 places to land at # 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles. Kylie appeared on the Jay Leno show on February 4, where she performed the song and was interviewed on the Late late show with Craig Kilborn on the 6th. She will also be appearing on TRL on the 15th of the month and VH1 on the 18th. In Canada the album "Fever" moves back up at # 17 nationally, and is at # 7 in Toronto.


January 30 2002: Kylie remains at # 1 for a second week on Canada's CHR radio airplay chart.On Jam's music charts the song move's up to # 3.In the USA "Can't get you out of my head" jump all the way up to # 33 on Billboard's HOT 100, and hits # 1 on the Dance/Music Club play chart. In Australia the new single "In your eyes" debuts at # 1 making it her 8th # 1 single.

Blue Plate records in the US will finally be releasing "Butterfly" as a limited CD single with 9 mixes. It goes for $20 US and is available only through their website.

Kylie will be headed to the US to do many scheduled promotions. The only confirmed one so far will be the Jay Leno show on February 4.

January 22 2002: The news comes straight from EMI Canada, it has finally happened, Kylie is officially # 1 on the Canadian CHR radio play charts.
I would like to thank EMI Canada who is doing a great job promoting Kylie.
To Donald, and Patrick in Montreal, and Peter in Toronto, great job guys. Thanks to all the Kylie fans, especially from "Say Hey" who have voted for Kylie and have helped her climb the charts. Special thanks to Dan in Toronto who has worked his butt off, and Stephen in the UK, you guys are great. "Can't get you out of my head" also moves up 4 notches to # 4 on the JAM Music BDS Canadian charts.

Kylie has also hit #1 on Kiss92, and Energyfm in Toronto, Power fm107 in Calgary, Power 92 in Edmonton, and is currently # 3 on CHUMFM

Her album is also selling very well as "Fever" moves up to # 20 on Canada's top 100 albums. In Montreal it charts at # 15 and # 10 in Toronto.

In the USA Kylie moves up 16 notches to # 50 on the Hot 100 singles charts, and # 4 on the Hot Dance/Music Club play chart.

January 18 2002: Incredible News. After falling to # 13 "Can't get you out of my head" turns around and moves back up the Canadian charts at # 8. "Fever" makes a huge jump to # 23 on the top 100 Album Chart. Even better news. Kylie is at # 2 on the CHR charts in Canada. The CHR charts is where all major top 40 radio stations report to when providing spin numbers for all the tracks they play. It is also the most important chart looked at in the music industry. Help Kylie climb higher in Canada go to my Radio page and vote for Kylie.

In the USA Kylie has her first "Hot 100" single in over 13 years as "Can't get you out of my head" debuts at # 64. The song also jumps up 10 notches to # 9 on the Hot Dance/Music Club Play chart.

January 12 2002: The album "Fever" moves up this week to # 47 on the Canadian national charts. Unfortunately "Can't get you out of my head" slips again, to # 13. On Montreal's MIX96 the song reaches # 1 on their top 8@8, and # 13 on their top 20 hit list. The fact that the song has already peaked and is dropping in some provinces like Quebec, but is moving up in others like Ontario could be why the song is not climbing anymore. In the US the song has entered Billboard's top 20 on the Hot Music/Club airplay charts at # 19. The song is also being played at many stations across the US. It looks hopeful that Kylie will score her first US hit in 14 years with this one.

Happy New Year

January 4 2002:
The good news: "Fever" is moving up nicely on the Canadian national charts to # 62. "Can't get you out of my head" is doing very well in Toronto. It charts at # 5 on both CHUMFM and Energy FM 107.5. While the song has peaked on french radio in Montreal, on english radio THEMIX 96, the song charts at #15 on their top 20, and has hit # 2 on their top 8@8.

The bad news: the song falls 1 notch nationally to # 11. Let's hope it picks up next week.

On the US front, Capital records is finally releasing "Fever" on February the 26. The album will remain intact, and will not be a combined version with "Light Years" as previously rumored. However there is still a chance that some bonus tracks could be added. Let's hope that "Butterfly" and "Spinning around" are considered.

"Can't get you out of my head" is now Kylie's bigest hit around the world and in the UK, (where it has sold 1 million copies). It now surpasses "Especially for you" which has sold around 950 000 copies.

KYLIE Top Ten In Canada!!

December 28 2001:After moving up to #15 "Can't get you out of my head" moves up to # 10 to become Kylie's first top ten hit in Canadain over 12 years. The song also spends a third week at #1 on CKMF 94.3 but sadly falls to # 4 on CKOI 96.9

The album "Fever" finally hits The Canadian top 100 albums at # 78. It previously moved from #119 to # 92.

December 16 2001: "Can't get you out of my head" moves up 21 places to crack the Canadian top 20 at # 19. The song also spends a second week at #1 on CKOI 96.9, and CKMF 94.3


December 9 2001: YES!! "Can't get you out of my head" is
# 1 on both CKOI 96.9, and CKMF 94.3 weekly countdowns. The song also rockets up 43 notches on the Canadian charts at # 40.

December 2 2001: "Can't get you out of my head" moves up to an incredible # 3 on both CKOI 96.9, and CKMF 94.3
weekly countdowns. The song has also been added to Toronto's KISS 92FM. Overseas, in the UK, Kylie won two awards on Top of the Pops. Best single for "Can't get you out of my head", and best tour for her "On a night like this tour". Her album "Fever" is 2X platinum in the UK and the single has sold over 900 000 copies.

November 29 2001: It's official Kylie's single debut at # 83 on The Canadian airplay chart. The song has now been added to THEMIX 96, as well as CHUMFM in Toronto, and Z95.3 in Vancouver

November 24 2001: Kylie moves up to an impressive # 6 from #11 on CKOI 96.9 weekly countdown. On CKMF 94.3
"Can't get you out of my head" moves from #18 to #11

November 12 2001: Kylie has now been added to Montreal station CKMF 94.3 "Can't get you out of my head" moves up to #22 on their weekly countdown. On CKOI 96.9 the song moves from #23 to #16

November 1 2001: Kylie is finally getting airplay here in Montreal. "Can't get you out of my head" has been added to french radio station CKOI 96,9 playlist. The song reached #2 on their daily top 12 countdown ( top 6 a 6) and is currently #29 on their weekly countdown. Please vote for Kylie go to CKOI click on "Votez pour le 6 a 6" put in your name and e-mail address. Scrole down the list, highlight Kylie "Can't get you out of my head" and click on "envoyer votre vote". Kylie's video is also getting aiplay in Canada. Much more music is playing it and Musiqueplus here in Quebec had it as their "BUZZ clip".(click on "top 5 anglo" vote for Kylie and click "soumettre".)

October 21 2001: "Can't get you out of my head" has hit # 1 in at least 18 countries. (UK, Australia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, New Zealand, #1 on the World and Eurochart and #2 in Germany and Portugal.) The album "Fever" is #1 in the UK, Australia and Germany.

October 14 2001:"Can't get you out of my head" spends it's 4th week at the top of the UK charts beating out Michael Jackson's "You rock my world" which has to settle for #2

October 7 2001: Just incredible. Kylie has the #1 album("Fever" debuts at #1) video / DVD ("Kylie Live In Sydney") and single (for the 3rd straight week) in the UK. "Can't get you out of my head" spends it's 4th week on top of the Australian chart. The single tops the charts of 9 other countries including Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Denmark, Holland, #2 in Italy and Sweden, #3 in Germany and Norway. The song is also currently #1 on the Euro charts and the World pop charts.

On the North American front the song "Butterfly" has entered the top 20 at #19 in the Hot dance music/Club airplay chart on Billboard in the US.

September 23 2001: "CANT GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD" DEBUT AT #1 ON THE UK CHARTS. (the song also tops the Austalian charts and is moving up every Europeen chart.) This is Kylie 's 6th UK # 1 song and quite possibly the biggest selling single of her career. The single has already sold more then 300,000 copies in the UK alone. Help me get Kylie the same success here in Canada, go to my radio link and request Kylie.


September 17 2001: "Can't get you out of my head" is released in the UK and around Europe

September 14 2001: It is official EMI Canada will release "Fever" (cat.#E21I35804) on October 9

September 1 2001: Kylie continues to burn up the airwaves on TV and radio in the UK with her amazing performance of "Can't get you out of my head" on CD:UK, which you can see on LIMBO's multimedia webpage

I have finally received a reply from EMI Canada concerning the release of the new album. Here's what they had to say:

Hello Phil,

Thanks for your note.
We are talking about releasing Kylie this fall but we haven't set a date yet, Please keep visiting our new release section as it is updated every week.

Thanks for your interest! Keep Visiting!
Merci de votre intéret! Revenez nous voir!

I'm not sure if this is good news or not. Does "Talking" mean they haven't decided to release the album or not, or just deciding a date. Let's hope it is the latter.

August 10 2001: Not much is hapenning with Kylie here in Canada. In the USA the song "Butterfly" has been remixed by Mark Picchiotti for Blue Plate Records, check it out here. The single is promised to be released in late summer. Kylie's new album called "FEVER" is now finished and is due out in the UK and Australia in October. The first single "Can't get you out of my head" is slated to be released in September. I've written EMI Canada to see if the new album will be released in Canada, I'm waiting for the reply.

May 29 2001: Kylie is currently playing in the film Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman and Ewan Macgregor. She plays the small part of the Green Fairy. The film opens here in Canada on June 1.

May 1 2001: Kylie continues the Autralian leg of her sold out world tour. Titled "On a night like this" the tour wraps up in Sydney on May 12th. Still no hope in seeing Kylie here in Canada.

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