January 8 2007 Showgirl: Homecoming Live in Sydney
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A tearful Kylie told her Manchester fans Saturday night that she couldn't continue her show. Halfway though her set she said she had a sore throat. She went into an impromptu singing of “Got To Be Certain” and then her sister Dannii joined her onstage for the duets “Kids”. Fans reported that she didn't look well from the start of the show. Her management has assured her fans that it is not serious and has nothing to do with the cancer she fought last year. She has “a moderately severe respiratory tract infection, the doctors have insisted that she not perform in the immediate future". It is also rumoured that some of her crew & dancers are also sick.

As reported on her official website, the shows for the MEN Arena in Manchester on January 15th & 16th have been cancelled and reschedule for the 21st & 22nd of the month. Anyone who can't attend the rearranged dates should return their tickets to the point of purchase no later than THIS FRIDAY (Fri 19 January) to claim a refund. The shows for the 18th & 19th are still a go as of this writing.

It was reported that a few fans booed her Saturday night. We at Kyliecanada.com wish Kylie a healthy recovery and hope that her fans realize that Kylies health is the important issue. Kylie didn't have to tour the UK again, her only obligation was to re-shedule her Australian dates from last year. The UK leg of her homecoming tour was a bonus for her fans.

UPDATE from Kylie.com
In addition to the two new shows announced yesterday: Sunday 21/1 (replacing Monday 15/1) and Monday 22/1 (replacing Tuesday 16/1) we are pleased to announce a third and final additional show on Tuesday 23/1 for those who attended last Saturday night's show which finished early.

Kylie said today: "Firstly, I'd like to apologise to those who attended last Saturday night's show at the M.E.N. Arena; I was hoping to feel better as the day progressed unfortunately the opposite was true. I'm sorry too for all those inconvenienced by the postponements.

I would just like to clarify the situation after seeing false reports in today's press claiming that I had ignored doctor's instructions. I have not at any stage ignored the advice of my doctors, in fact I postponed two shows this week on their advice in order to be healthy enough to finish the "Showgirl Homecoming" tour.

Nearly all of my crew were hit by this terrible 'flu during the course of this tour and despite my best efforts I too succumbed last week.

I am now overjoyed to announce that I have been declared fit to return to the stage on Thursday and we will now be adding three replacement shows next week so as not to disappoint anyone!"

Recorded in Sydney on the second night of Kylie's current tour, the CD features songs spanning her entire career. It also features a very special version of "Kids", where Kylie is joined onstage by old friend Bono, in an appearance which brought the house down. The CD features the stellar new song "White Diamond" written by Kylie & Scissor Sisters.The UK edition is out January 8th, the Canadian edition will be released by Capitol Canada on February the 6th.

See the complete tracklisting and info here

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Kylie on the cover of Elle Canada
February 2007 edition
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Photography by Karl Lagerfeld

Photo from Kylie's new Showgirl tour
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