01 2 Hearts 
02 Like A Drug
03 In My Arms 
04 Speakerphone 
05 Sensitized 
06 Heart Beat Rock 
07 The One 
08 No More Rain 
09 All I See 
10 Stars
11 Wow 
12 Nu-di-ty 
13 Cosmic
14 All I See with MIMS
(USA bonus track) 
* Magnetic Electric 
(Itunes bonus track)
*Ripping Up The Disco* 
(Bonus track from kylie.com)

CD/DVD Special Edition Buy it 
released Dec 11th in Canada







Australian Tour Edition CD 2
Released December 8th 2008 OZ only 

1. 2 Hearts (Harris & Masterson Extended Mix) 
2. 2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix) 
3. The One (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix) 
4. Wow (David Guetta Remix) 
5. Wow (CSS Remix) 
6. In My Arms ( Chris Lake Vocal Mix) 
7. In My Arms (Steve Pitron And Max Sanna Remix) 
8. In My Arms (Sebastien Leger Remix) 
9. In My Arms (Spitzer Remix) 
10. All I See Featuring Mims (Remix)

Two Hearts UK singles 

CD 1 

2 Hearts
I Don't Know What It Is

2 Hearts
2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix)
King or Queen
2 Hearts video

Australian CD single
"2 Hearts"
"2 Hearts" (Alan Braxe remix)
"King or Queen"
"I Don't Know What It Is"
"2 Hearts" music video
UK Promotional CD
"2 Hearts" (Alan Braxe remix)
"2 Hearts" (Alan Braxe dub)
"2 Hearts" (Studio version)
"2 Hearts" (Mark Brown Pacha Ibiza Upper Terrace remix)
"2 Hearts" (A cappella)

2 Hearts
2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix)
2 Hearts (Version by Studio)

WOW UK singles 
Released February 18th 2007 

CD 1
Buy it
1. Wow
2. Cherry Bomb

CD 2 Enhanced Single Buy it 
1. Wow
2. Do It Again
3. Carried Away
4. Wow 
(Death Metal Disco Scene Mix)

UK 12" Picture disc
"Wow" (CSS remix)
"Wow" (F*** Me I'm Famous Remix by David Guetta + Joachim Garraud)
"Wow" (MSTRKRFT remix)

Australian CD single Buy It 
"Do It Again"
"Carried Away"
"Wow" (Death Metal Disco Scene mix)
UK promotional CD
"Wow" (David Guetta F*ck Me I'm Famous remix)
"Wow" (MSTRKRFT Remix)
(Death Metal Disco Scene mix)
"Wow" (CSS mix)
"Wow" (Radio edit)

Wow Europeen version
Released July 4th 2008

Maxi CD
1. Wow 
2. Wow (Death Metal Disco Scene Mix) 
3. Wow (CSS Remix) 
4. Wow

In My Arms single for Europe and Israel 

CD single 1Buy it
"In My Arms"
"Cherry Bomb"

CD single 2 
"In My Arms"
"Do It Again"
"Carried Away"

UK 7" (released May 5, 2008)
"In My Arms"
"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" 
(Greg Kurstin Remix)

Promotional CD single
"In My Arms" (Spitzer dub version)
"In My Arms" (Spitzer radio edit)
"In My Arms" (Chris Lake cocal mix)
"In My Arms" (Chris Lake dub mix)
"In My Arms" (Sebastien Leger mix)
"In My Arms" (Sebastien Leger dub)

12" Picture disc
"In My Arms"
"In My Arms" (Spitzer remix)
"In My Arms" (Sebastian Leger remix)

In My Arms UK release on May 5th 2008 

1. In My Arms
2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head 
(Greg Kurstin Remix)

1. In My Arms
2. In My Arms 
(Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)
3. In My Arms (Sebastien Leger Remix)
4. In My Arms (video)

7" Coloured vinyl
1. In My Arms
1. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Greg Kurstin Remix)

Download bundle 2
1. In My Arms
2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Greg Kurstin Remix)


Remix Download Bundle
1. In My Arms
2. In My Arms ( Chris Lake Vocal Mix)
3. In My Arms 
(Sebastien Leger Remix)
4. In My Arms
(Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Mix)
5. In My Arms (Spitzer Remix)
6. In My Arms 
(Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)

The One

CD Radio Promo

1. The One 
2. Freemasons Vocal Club Mix

Charting # indicate peak positions
Kylie X
2 Hearts
In My Arms
Al I See
UK BBC Charts
# 4
# 4
# 5
# 10
Australia Aria Chart
# 1
# 1
# 11
# 35
Canadian Hot 100 (Billboard chart)
# 60
# 81
# 87
Nielsen BDS Airplay Radio chart
# 99
Canadian HOT AC Radio Play Chart        
# 29
Soundscan Album chart
# 43
Billboard Hot 100
Billboard Top 200 Album chart
# 139
Billboard Electronic Album chart
# 4
Billboard Dance Club Play chart
# 3
Billboard Hot Dance Airplay
# 19
# 19
# 10
# 15
# 8