Kylie's Remixes vol 1

1. I Should Be So Lucky [The Bicentennial Remix]
2. Got to Be Certain [Remix]
3. Loco-Motion [The Sankie Remix]
4. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi [Moi Non Plus Mix]
5. Turn It into Love [Album Version]
6. It's No Secret [Extended Version]
7. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi [The Revolutionary Mix]
8. I Should Be So Lucky [New Remix]
9. Made in Heaven [Made in England Mix]









Kylie's Remixes Vol.2

01. Better the Devil You Know [US Mix]
02. Step Back in Time [Walkin' Rhythm Mix]
03. What Do I Have to Do? [UK Remix]
04. Shocked [DNA Mix]
05. Word Is Out [12" Version]
06. If You Were With Me Now [Extended Version]
07. Keep on Pumpin' It Up [12" Version]
08. Give Me Just a Little More Time [12" Version]
09. Finer Feelings [Brothers in Rhythm 12"]
10. Do You Dare [NRG Mix]
11. Closer

Released in 1993
Mushroom records.